About Us

Hello, hi!

I'm Anisha, the founder and jewellery-loving owner of INITIALLED. In 2020, after the birth of my first son, and in a world of pandemic, I had a lot of time at home to think. I knew that I wanted a specific piece of jewellery to mark the birth of my baby but couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere. Lightbulb (and slightly delerious due to sleep deprivation) moment told me that there was definitely a gap in the market and that if I was looking for something specific, other people probably were too.

I knew I wanted jewellery with initials on, but I didn't want the 2D pendants with cursive text that I kept seeing. Following some prolonged nap-time research, I decided I could teach myself how to make the jewellery I wanted. Starting the learning process with metal stamping kits and brass pendants, the brand slowly formed into something I loved.

Every piece of jewellery has been designed and curated by me. While I use trusted suppliers to produce the individual components, each piece is put together by me, handstamped and packaged. Even the names of the pieces are meaningful - either named after strong little girls or women in my life, the collection feels even more personal to me.

What makes INITIALLED different is that 95% of the collection contains a chunky pendant and our signature petite, sleek lettering is stamped onto every piece. I wanted to cater for everyone and include a range of price points, recognising that some people look for a higher quality of metal (such as Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil), some people don't mind - as long as the piece is pretty - and some people absolutely want waterproof jewellery.

I aim to make your selection and buying experience as personal as possible and encourage you to contact me via email or Instagram if you'd like advice or to discuss pairing pieces or the collection in general.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dream and joining me on this journey.

We discuss the difference between our collections in a blog post. Gold Vermeil? Gold Plated? Stainless Steel?

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