Stainless Steel, Gold Plated or Gold Vermeil?

Stainless Steel, Gold Plated or Gold Vermeil?

At INITIALLED, we offer the majority of our jewellery in 3 options. While Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil & Stainless Steel jewellery may look largely the same, there are important differences between them. These difference affect the longevity of the pieces and of course, price. Read on to learn about the differences between each offering and inform your purchases.


In contrast to regular plated jewellery (see below), Gold Vermeil consists of a base metal of Sterling Silver (which is hypoallergenic) and is plated, in a similar way to regular gold plating, but with a very thick layer of gold (2.5 microns). This method of plating is at least 5x thicker than that used in regular plating and with proper care, these pieces can stand the test of time. One of the benefits of Gold Vermeil jewellery is that these pieces are more a more affordable option to solid gold but look just as stunning.


Typically, Gold Plated jewellery consists of a thin layer of gold that has been bonded to a base metal (usually something like brass or copper) via a process known as electroplating or flashplating. While the gold plating consists of real gold, the amount of gold used is low - typically under 0.5 microns of gold.
One of the benefits of plated jewellery is that it is a more affordable option however, with prolonged or continued wear, plated pieces are likely to tarnish - meaning the gold or silver may wear off - leaving the base metal easier to see. We do not recommend plated jewellery if you have sensitive skin as the base metals, when exposed, are not hypoallergenic.

With our plated jewellery, we provide a jewellery care card inside our jewellery pouches which explains how best to look after this type of jewellery. This includes not wearing the jewellery in the shower/bath, in the sea, when swimming, and to avoid contact with sweat, perfumes & lotions.


We also offer the majority of our pendants and a selection of rings made from high grade Stainless Steel. If you are looking for affordable jewellery that you can wear all the time, stainless steel is a great option.

These pieces are PVD coated (physical vapor deposition), using a vaccum process, making our pieces resistant to corrosion from regular wear, sweat and lotions. This means our Stainless Steel options, are pretty life-proof and can maintain their original colours. We still recommend taking these pieces off occasionally to clean but you do not routinely need to remove these for activities such as swimming.

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